Brighter Hope Ministries has been committed to fostering hope and a future for today’s generation through Jesus Christ. Since 2002, we have passionately shared brighter hope through media, seminars, material, and camps for youth. We offer brighter hope in an accurate, clear, and practical manner.

In a post-modern world, adrift on a sea of relativism and tolerance, people are searching for a firm foundation on which to base their lives. Brighter Hope has a particular burden for mentoring and empowering young people—especially those in foster care and the inner city that may feel they are without hope. We provide instruction, discipleship, and activities to help them stay off the streets.

When you choose to support Brighter Hope, you are making an investment that not only benefits your life, but also the lives of others around the world.

Together, we can continue to offer brighter hope to people who desperately need to hear that their Creator cares deeply about the daily events of their lives.

Become a Monthly partner!
When you become a monthly partner with Brighter Hope Ministries you help us to connectpeople with passionate hope through Jesus Christ.

What is a monthly partner?
• A Faithful Friend of Brighter Hope Ministries
• A Prayer Warrior who consistently prays for
this ministry
• A Supportive Donor who stands with us on a
monthly basis
• A caring participant who desires to help us
minister to underpriveleged youth through
hopeful mentorship, outdoorsmanship, and the
teaching of God’s Word

Why become a monthly partner? Because we can’t continue this ministry without you!
For just a moment, stop and recall how valuable partnerships were in biblical times. Moses and Aaron led a nation out of slavery. Ruth and Naomi showed what loyal love can do. Jonathan and David proved that righteous friendship is thicker than blood. Our Lord’s committed disciples turned the world upside down. Paul and Timothy and a handful of other committed men and women began to build Christ’s church—against
enormous pressure from without.

God uses partners to do what no person alone can do, no matter how gifted. Make a donation today and become a partner with us in this ministry of hope.